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debian-goodies - Small toolbox-style utilities for Debian systems

Today's package was suggested by Guido H. of Germany. Thanks, Guido!

To be fair, I haven't tried this package out yet, but it looks interesting enough (and I'm desparate to keep things showing up here). These programs seem to build on grep-dctrl and the popularity-context and provide new ways to explore your Debian system.

These programs are designed to integrate with standard shell tools, extending them to operate on the Debian packaging system.
  • dgrep - Search all files in specified packages for a regex
  • dglob - Generate a list of package names which match a pattern
These are also included, because they are useful and don't justify their own packages:
  • debget - Fetch a .deb for a package in APT's database
  • dpigs - Show which installed packages occupy the most space
  • debman - Easily view man pages from a binary .deb without extracting
  • checkrestart - Help to find and restart processes which are using old versions of upgraded files (such as libraries)
  • popbugs - Display a customized release-critical bug list based on packages you use (using popularity-contest data)

More information on this package can be found on the Debian web site.
(If there is a package you would like to see featured here, go to the userinfo page and follow the directions there to submit your entry.)
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