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shfs-utils - (secure) SHell File System mount programs

SHFS (sshfs) is a simple and easy to use Linux kernel (2.4/2.6) module which allows you to mount remote filesystems using (secure) shell connection.

This package contains mount/umount utilities for the shfs kernel module. You will need that module to make them work, either from a patched kernel or building it from source with module-assistant (see shfs-source package). If you are lucky, the module may already be available, watch out for shfs-module-* packages.

Jochen S. reports:
shfs is a secure and easy way to remotely access data on your file server at home, without having to dig an additional hole through your packet filtering rules. It simply uses ssh to mount remote filesystems.
All you need is a kernel module (shfs-source, easily compiled and installed with make-kpkg or even module-assistant) and some userspace utilities (shfs-utils, namely shfs(u)mount) on the client side and an ssh server with no additional tweaks running on the remote machine. More detailed info on setting up shfs can be found in the installation guide.
This is especially useful for me, since I always have a screen session running on my small server at home, which includes mutt and some other stuff. For reading email on my laptop, I simply ssh into my server and reattach to the screen session. But when opening attachments, I always had to scp the files to my laptop. With shfs, I simply save the attachments to a local folder on the server and can open them on my laptop, no matter where I am. Well, I have to be online of course. But if I wasn't, I couldn't read mail in any case. ;-)

Thanks, Jochen!

More information on this package can be found on the Debian web site.
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