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x11vnc - A VNC server which uses your current X11 session

With x11vnc you can export your currently running X11 session to any VNC client. You do not have to launch another session as the regular VNC server does. So it's very useful, if you want to move to another computer without having to log out, or to help a distant colleague to solve a problem with their desktop.

skx writes:
Thanks for all the work you've put in with debaday, it is a fun thing to keep an eye on.

...[x11vnc] is a simple VNCServer, which exports your current X11 display over the network so that you can connect with any VNC client.

If you run 'x11vnc -forever' it will respawn itself when you disconnect.

I use it daily to export my home desktop machine to the internet, so I can control my desktop from my work.

Thanks, Steve! That "list empty" message yesterday triggered a relative flood of package suggestions. I'm still "wading" through them (between other projects) to get them queued up. Thanks for all the suggestions. There truly are more must-have packages waiting to be discovered, whether you've been using Debian for a week or for more than five years. Keep 'em coming.

More information on this package can be found on the Debian web site.
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