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most - Pager program similar to more and less

Most is a paging program that displays, one windowful at a time, the contents of a file on a terminal. A status line at the bottom of the screen displays the file name, the current line number and the percentage of the file so far displayed.

Unlike other paging programs, most is capable of displaying an arbitrary number of windows as long as they all fit on the screen, and different windows could be used to view the same file in different positions.

In addition to displaying ordinary text files, most can also display binary files as well as files with arbitrary ascii characters.

Thanks go to Fraser H. for this package suggestion:
"most" is a pager for the command line. It works well as a replacement for less. The advantage it has over less is that it supports color. If you install "most" and then use the alternatives system to set it to the default pager, then your man pages will show up in colour.

Thanks for debian package a day, I find it quite useful.

My pleasure, Fraser. Keep 'em coming, everybody.

More information on this package can be found on the Debian web site.
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