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woody - Hierarchic text editor

Woody is a hierarchical text editor/outliner. It allows you to group related bits of information together into a common meaningful category. It is similar to BrainForest for the Palm Pilot.

The program is ideal for maintaining TODO files. The program stores the files in xml, but can export to plain text files.

This recommendation comes to us from Nick S.:
I think package "woody" is well worth of inclusion. Despite having a name clashing with current Debian stable name, it's possibly the best TODO manager I've seen. Easily hackabe too if you don't like the way it works - it's written in Python.

Default color theme kinda sucks in XTerm, so I'd put together something that looks like default Mutt colors:

def mutt_colors():
    colors["edit border"]       = ("brightblue", "default")
    colors["edit text"]         = ("default", "default")
    colors["top bar"]           = ("brightblue", "default")
    colors["bottom bar"]        = ("default", "blue")
    colors["node"]              = ("default", "default")
    colors["selected node"]     = ("black", "cyan")
    colors["menu bar"]          = ("default", "blue")
    colors["highlit menu bar"]  = ("default", "blue")

(in .woody.conf put first call to transparent_colors() and then to mutt_colors()).

More information on this package can be found on the Debian web site.
(If there is a package you would like to see featured here, go to the userinfo page and follow the directions there to submit your entry.)
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