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console-tools - Linux console and font utilities

This package allows you to set-up and manipulate the Linux console (ie. screen and keyboard), and manipulate console-font files.

`console-tools' was developed from version 0.94 of the standard `kbd' package, and integrates many fixes and enhancements, including new kbd features up to 0.99.

You will probably want to install a set of data files, such as the one in the `console-data' package.

For command-line compatibility with kbd, you may want to install the kbd-compat package.

Today's pacakge was recommended by Andrew P. and comes with the best write-up yet:
Ok, everyone has this package installed, but it contains a handy utility that is under-appreciated, probably because it has the misleading name "showkey". showkey is intended for those situations after you sneeze, or let your grubby coworker type, or hack while eating pizza, and need to clean your keyboard. Normally, this activity is fraught with the peril of hitting "rm -rf /" or ctrl-alt-del or some other unfortunate key combination. showkey solves this by trapping all keystrokes at the lowest level, and only exiting after a period of no keystrokes, so you can wipe without restraint and really get that crud off. As a bonus, it spews silly numbers and letters onto the screen to distract you from your menial duty. It has a few different output modes, so you'll never get bored. Strangely, the man page focuses on this entertainment feature and neglects to describe the primary function of the utility. I am working on a patch to send to the maintainer, but until then perhaps an appearance on debaday will help to give showkey the recognition it deserves.

More information on this package can be found on the Debian web site.
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