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mairix - Indexes and searches email in Maildir and MH formats

mairix is a program for indexing and searching email messages stored in Maildir or MH folders.

  • Indexing is fast. It runs incrementally on new messages - any particular message only gets scanned once in the lifetime of the index file.
  • The search mode populates a "virtual" maildir folder with symlinks which point to the real messages. This folder can be opened as usual in your mail program.
  • The search mode is very fast.
  • Indexing and searching works on the basis of words. The index file tabulates which words occur in which parts (particular headers + body) of which messages.

Paga writes:
Mairix is a grepmail like program, but it works with mbox, mh and maildir mailboxes. It also builds indexes of all your messages beforehand, so the search itself is amazingly fast. It's one of those programs you can't live without if you handle large amounts of email (who doesn't?).

More information on this package can be found on the Debian web site.
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