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madman - An advanced music manager application

madman is a tool to help you manage your music collection. It reads and writes tags for you, organizes, searches, deletes, plays, and enqueues in XMMS. A powerful expression syntax and a streamlined one-window GUI allow you to listen to better music all the time. The "Play 20 random songs" feature lets you discover music you didn't even know you owned.

Diwaker G. suggested this package and passed along this bit from the upstream website at
madman makes your digital music experience what it should have been from the start. Fun, not clumsy. Organized, not a mess. Cool, not technical. Let's face it: The "Open file" dialog is not an appropriate way to find the music that you like.


  • Power and extensibility

  • Once you find the music you've been looking for, madman easily plays it in your favorite MP3 player. You can also burn these songs to music or data CDs. And if that's not enough, writing a plugin for madman takes no more than writing a shell script. That way, you can upload music to your portable MP3 player with one click of the mouse. feel it...

  • Smart playlists

  • Have you ever found it clumsy and tiring to manually add song by song to your playlist, just to be able to listen to your all-time favorites? Sure enough, madman imports your previous work and manages existing playlists. But it also gives you a new and easier way to rack up the music you like. It can use your ratings and listening habits to write automatic, smart playlists for you. more...

  • Just the basics

  • madman is fast. Designed from the ground up to avoid expensive operations, it will not slow you down, even if your computer is not the newest. Even with several thousand songs in your database, madman usually starts up in less than two or three seconds. madman's user interface is extremely simple. Almost everything works through right-click menus or drag'n'drop. Even compared to the last release, the new UI has been simplified a great deal - yet with no sacrifice in power. madman's C++ code base is clean and extensible, so if you find yourself in need of one specific feature, you can usually add it in very little time. see it...

  • Smokes the competition.

  • More than likely you will have heard of Apple's iTunes. If you're a Windows user, you might have seen MoodLogic, MusicMatch or some others. If you already use Linux, you might have seen Rhythmbox, Yammi, JuK, Mp3Kult or Zinf. madman is pretty much in the same vein as all these. They all suck. All music managers suck. madman just sucks less. (Hm. Apologies to Michael R. Elkins :))

More information on this package can be found on the Debian web site.
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