Debian Package a Day (debaday) wrote,
Debian Package a Day

logjam - Client for LiveJournal-based sites

LogJam is a GUI client for and sites based on LiveJournal. It lets you post, edit old entries, manage your friends, save your journal to a local offline copy, and whatever other useful LiveJournal-related features we can think of.

If you would like automatic music detection from XMMS or beep-media-player, you should install the logjam-xmms package.

Rob S. pointed out a useful utility to all Debian-loving LiveJournal users.
Since the readers of debaday are also LiveJournal users, I suggest "logjam", a LiveJournal client for GTK2. Unlike other LJ clients, it doesn't feel the need to pretend it's AIM in its interface.

More information on this package can be found on the Debian web site.
(If there is a package you would like to see featured here, go to the userinfo page and follow the directions there to submit your entry.)

Now available in RSS and ATOM flavors too.
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