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k3b - A sophisticated KDE cd burning application

K3b is a GUI frontend to the cd recording programs cdrdao and cdrecord. Its aim is to provide a very user friendly interface to all the tasks that come with cd recording.

(huge feature list suppressed)

Another one from Andre L.:
K3B is the KDE CD/DVD burning frontend. The interface is so simple even Hillary Rosen could figure it out: First you select new audio disc or new data disc. Then you drag and drop filenames into the right window. Then you click burn. Then you eject. It really is that easy.

The first time I ran it there were some permissions problems, but the error messages were intelligible and--get this--suggested the right fix. After just one use I put my printout of the
CD Writing HOWTO into the recycling bin. Cuz baby, I ain't never again running mkisofs by hand.

Like most other KDE apps it runs fine under X11 regardless of window manager or desktop environment. I usually run it through an ssh tunnel, since the burner at work isn't attached to my desktop machine.


More information on this package can be found on the Debian web site.
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Now available in RSS and ATOM flavors too.
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